These are the projects that we are working on at the moment.
This is the place where we publish the events that Joystick organizes or participates on.


CARPETA SIN TITULO. series of shows organized by joystick and transmited through BURN.FM (IN SPANISH)

LOS ARCHIVOS MAYO. Mario Posada Ochoa's 16mm film archive.
we invited some friends to edit short videos based on images taken from the movies Mario Posada filmed between 1945 - 1968.
+ info

TRASH (bis): Your Trash is not Trash
Trash(bis) is a project where we once more we are concerned about the wastes in the city that can be reused. A campaign of conscious waste, encouraging other people to make good use of what we consider useless. + info

ROJO.MIHO: CD-ROM compilation of colombian artist's works.
Rojo.miho is a CD rom published as a special edition of rojo magazine. a compilations of digital works (audio, video and applications) made by colombian artists.
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OCTOBER 24th, 25th and 26th

Bogojaq is the first hackmeeting that will be made in Colombian territory. During the 24th, 25th, and 26th of October 2003, simultaneously during these dates the hackmeeting03 will be going on in Pamplona, Spain. bogojaq will establish a bi-directional connection of data via streaming, exchanging conferences and debates on common interest subject. + info

STENCILS: Jstk stencil street
We are working with stencil prints on the streets. Download our stencil files, and send us yours!. + info
ERR¬OR: glitch art archive
A project with Juanjo Fernandez de, where we´ll create an open archive of digital error screen captures, videos and sounds. send your errors!. + info

JOYSTICKERS: Stickers on the street!
Joystickers is a street art project that invites people to participate. Download the images.
+ info. 
TRASH PROJECT: Thanks to the trash that has given me so much.
This is a street art project. What we do is stick images of some of the things we’ve found in the trash on the garbage containers. The images are accompanied by the text ¨thanks to the trash that has given me so much¨ the interventions are made in Barcelona but we want to take this project to other cities. + info



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