projects and events that Joystick has organized or participated on.

TRASH: Reuse in your life!
in october 10th 2003, we opened TRASH, a kind of shop/exhibition of furniture that we picked up from the streets of barcelona, at the exhibition that was held in SALADESTAR, people could take for free! any piece of furniture that they liked.
NOCHE OOZE.BÂP: jstk + ooze.bâp + maumau.
ooze.bâp presented the mini CD collection ALGO ES ALGO, + a live performance by un caddie renversé dans l'herbe, presenting his new release Now there's a weird taste in my mouth (dekorder)
LA VIDÈO A TUÈ LES STARS DE LA RADIO: French video show + experimental audio
Sunday May 4 at the videoclub void in downtown Barcelona Joystick presented with the colaboration of Alix Gasso, a selection of videos made by young artists from Toulusse. featuring the music of ////Xper Fanclub [Malika, Ant, Damian] and a Live presentation of Un Riche Kannibal
JOYSTICKERS: Joystick in Zeppelin 2003.
Joystickers was a street art project with the participation of the public, it was presented by Joystick in the sound art festival of Barcelona Zeppelin 2003 during February.
SOUNDPORT: Joystick presented in Zeppelin 03 a collection of musical tracks made by Colombian artists, the interface was made by
EXPOSICIONS PER EMPORTAR Joystick collaborated with on the development of a portable exhibition that could be transported in a pizza box.
PLAYTIME A night of videogames and live music organized by fiftyfifty for Art Futura02 in which joystick collaborated.
COLOMBOID A video projection of experimental videos made by Colombian artists, Xper fanclub//// played live after the show
CINEMA DUB MONKS UPSTAIRS A concert of the Japanese band Cinema Dub Monks organized by Joystick, September 27 2002.
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