Joystick has been working on interventions on the public space. The project ¨thanks to the trash that has given me so much¨ offers another way of seeing the process of recollection of objects found by the trash containers or throughout the streets of the big cities.
The project starts in Barcelona and its about making a series of vectorial images that recall some of the objects that we’ve found on the street, giving them a longer life.
The images that we make are accompanied by the text ¨thanks to the trash that has given me so much¨.
So what we do is stick them on the trash containers around the city.
The process of reusing objects found on the street doesn’t exist in some countries of Latin America as it does in Europe. Usually the furniture and home appliances are given to relatives or friends or taken to the people who fix them before declaring them useless.
In countries with economical problems, the patching, fixing and reusing process is very common.

So we point out this world that opens inside the forbidden areas of the social structure in the big cities, the parasitic relations between consumer society and wastes.




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