ROJO-MIHO is a project made with the collaboration of the Revista Rojo that was published as a special number of this magazine in february 2004.

One of our intentions has been to collect works from people around the world, but specially colombians, to build an archive. (Joystick Archive)
The rojo.miho is a compilation of works from the archives made specifically by colombian people with digital technology.

The cd rom has videos, audio and applications and its made in a simple way so that anybody can enter the contents from any computer platform.

The information is divided in folders, inside the folders you can find the works separated aby author, and as we always do>> you can find the email and contact information of each person, and in this way we want to help people comunicate and build networks of comunication without joystick as a mediator.

Navigation by folders in Rojo.Miho

contents of the CD-ROM:

Alejandro Duque
Santiago Caicedo
Hernando Barragán
Santiago Ortiz

.: AUDIO :.

Alejandro Arizmendi
Alejo Jaramillo
Camilo Posada
Daniel Gómez
Dj Fresh
Juria Azul
Malas Amistades

.: VIDEO :.

Alejandro Duque
Carlos Ortiz
Johny Benjumea
Victor Garcés
Juan Bustamante
Juan Carlos Orozco
Karina Correa
Maria Luisa Isaza
Andres Burbano
Luciana Riso
Paula Vélez + Film
Wolfgang Guarín

.: EXTRAS :.



An important aspect of the project is that the contents of the rojo.miho are for OPEN DISTRIBUTION, this means that even though each one of the works presented in the cd rom is property of each author, the compilation can be distributed. for example, if you have a copy and you think that someone that you know could be interested on it, you can copy it and give it to him/her (never with comercial intentions), it is important that the cd rom should be copied as a whole, so that tis way we can keep it as a project and not as an isolated work, most of all its important that the direct contact with the each person remains, in this way if someone is intrerested on one track or one video ...can contact directly with the author and in this way make new networks.

All the material from the compilation rojo.miho is under the open distribution licence AIRE INCONDICIONAL, created by the Platoniq`s and the lawyer Abel Garriga.


Together with the revista rojo, we published 500 copies for the spacial limited edition, from which 250 copies are for sale in the distribution spots of the revista rojo, the money collected by the sales will pay the 500 copies, and the other 250 will go to colombia freely, the special edition is made on a jewelbox like this:

The distribution of the cd rom in colombia is considered in a different way.
the idea is that the material reaches the maximum number of people that could be interested on it, trying this way to generate cominication networks between the people as well as colabotative projects.
We suggest in this way a stratergy of alternative distribution ( for colombia and for the countries where the revista rojo doesent go) where we invite people to find a computer with cd burner and copy the cd rom during different events such as concerts, video shows etc.. inviting people to go to the events with a virgin cd to make his/her own copy, and in this way make stronger the hand to hand type of distribution of information.
We have also made a little book for the cd that you can download from here:

and where you can have all the necesary information of the project for your copy!!
lets make use the low cost technologies !!

we are also looking for someone that has an internet server in which we can host the files of the complete cd rom (640 MB), so that people can also download it and distribute, if you can hel us and you like the idea please contact us at:

for more information on the alternative distribution stratergy in countries where you cant find the revista rojo please contact us ( or go to the following link (in spanish):



these are some links related to the project:



Some images of what is included in Rojo.Miho::

Casting (Andrea G. + Ricardo D)

Astrodisco (Dynamicron)

Maquina Universal Americana (Juan B.)

Mortal Kombat (Johny B. + Victor G.)

Perro (Maria Luisa Isaza)

Sacrificialidad (Wolfgang Guarín.)

Swimmin' (Karina Correa.)

Mixaural.swf (Santiago Ortiz)

Waark (Alejandro Duque)

we want to thank and Revista Rojo, for their support on this project.

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