In july 2003 we had the opportunity to be at Mario Posada's house in Medellin, Colombia turning to digital format all of his 16 mm movies. Movies that he recorded fom 1945 to 1968.

We recovered over 28 hours of images of the family, their trips to Europe and the United states, Mario's business etc.

Mayo is Mario Posada, it's how his family calls him, it's how we call him. Archivos Mayo is a project that starts from this archives, its a homage to someone passionate about the image.

Once we got back to Barcelona with all the digitalized material, we decided we had to do something with these images, after doing all the restauration of the original films and all...

We came up with the idea of inviting some friends and ask them to watch all the 28 hours during some months every twesday with the aim of choosing images so that each one could make a video with this material.

The result is a series of videos, an editing experiment, no restrictions.

Mario Posada. 2003

Digitalization Process .

The results of this process is being shown as an exhibition until November the 27th 2005, in EspaiZERO1, in Olot, Girona, Spain.

Also thanks to EspaiZERO1, we made a small publication that includes a DVD with all the videos and extra information. You can download the booklet in pdf format:

LIBRO-MAYO.pdf (3.2 Mb aprox)

You can also download the introductory video in higher resolution with Bittorrent, through the datagalaxy tracker just clicking HERE .......>(What is Bittorrent?)

Espai ZERO1: Carrer de L'Hospici, 8. Olot (Girona).



Conducta en los Velorios
by Andrea Gómez.

An illustration of Julio Cortazar's short Story "Our Demeanor at Wakes" (Conducta en los velorios) read by the author himself.



by Carlos Gómez

"I'm one of those persons who always ask to get the window seat on the planes.... Watching the images of the archive i thought that Mario Posada, although i haven't had the pleasure of meeting, would like building a dream with airplanes.... hope he likes it".

Simple Dreams
by TheSpecialK!

dedicated to my Parents-Grandparents Beatriz y Gregorio.
feat. Maria Eugenia & Mario on their trips.


by Luciana Riso

"When i first saw the images from the Archives i had that feeling of the pass of time that remind you that that's what defines life.
I wanted to inhabit the image or that the image inhabited me.
I searched then in the archive, images that could be used with a chroma technique where that past and today could join together. i found the image that described my mood, everything came together. The decision was made"

Flamingos and other Birds
by Pollenation

"The footage selected is from Parrot Jungle in Miami, and various family parties and reunions. The images from Parrot Jungle are juxtaposed with those from the family parties bringing to attention a curious reationship between the two".

by Kamel Ilian

Images from the archives of the International Eucharistic Congress of 1968 in Bogotá, Colombia, Mixed with images made by me taken on punk concerts in Medellin. With Soudtrack by Dexconcierto.


Tragedia N.1 Honey, honey moon
by Paula Velez

La performance du genre
by PS

Susuro : Neraides : Analipsi
by Opora
El Ruido
by José Manuel Berenguer
El Pelo
by Andy Davies

by Miuk

Catalina del 0 al 7
by Julio Cesar Palacio

by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros

by Leonardo Gonzalez Quevedo

Audio by Yopoman, from

Bliblug bliblug (part 1)
by Sasabune

Datteln / Flowers, Children and Things Related or Días Felices

Casting 107
by Susana Noguero


by Matthias Groebel / Zeugwart Hallbauer

"A downtempo trip into the Dionysiac depths of rhythm and rites while time-traveling from postwar Cologne to the Brazilian carnival to vast empty seas.
Deploying minimalist ambient structures the sound delves into the white noise of history whilst the visuals unleash a phantastic voyage in the church's basic architecture of extasy and order. Sight and sound form here a bridge to a time gone by where the enigma of life was still inscribed in the ornament of faith. Watching from behind Pope Paul VI. giving his blessing to the crowd: You can't get closer to the brink of the pandemonium. If you gaze for long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you, or in other words: Pope meets Pop"


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