Bogojaq is a temporary experimental laboratory open to the participation of groups and people interested on technology. We want to exchange ideas and experiences that come from different fields related to technology and media (development of free software and hardware, independent media and social organizations, cultural products, etc) making visible some projects and initiatives that have been developing particularly in Bogota and the rest of the country.

Bogojaq is the first hackmeeting that will be made in Colombian territory. During the 24th, 25th, and 26th of October 2003, simultaneously during these dates the hackmeeting03 will be going on in Pamplona, Spain. bogojaq will establish a bi-directional connection of data via streaming, exchanging conferences and debates on common interest subjects.

The event will have 2 meeting points in Bogota where the conferences will be held as well as audiovisual experimental sessions, workshops, debates and some of the nodes presented from Pamplona will be presented through the web.


- Valenzuela y Klenner arte contemporaneo: : Reception point and conference projections.

- Biblioteca Manuela Beltran: Conference transmission.


- On line communities: history, rights and online government: Alejandro Forero

- Artificial intelligence: Possibilities and ethic implications: Alejandro Forero

- Virtual worlds and enhanced realities: Alejandro Forero

[ ]

- Self-supported wireless networks:
Igor Tamara

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- Fantasmas: Audio+Video mix

- Sinapsis:
Experimentations with homemade instruments.






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