(Joystick ‘s audio archives)

During the sound art festival of Barcelona Zeppelin 2003, we presented the soundport near the sonoscop : a computer with a collection of audio works taken from the Joystick archives.
A selection that offers a look through the present production of music in Colombia.

screenshot from the soundport

the soundport had works from:

- Camilo Posada
- Juria Azul
- Las malas amistades
- Alejandro Arizmendi
- Alejandro Jaramillo
- Grabaciones Distancia
- Dynamicrón
- Panorama
- Protov


soundport in Zeppelin 03


Sonoscop is the collaborative project between Orquestra del Caos and Centre de Cultura contemporània de Barcelona.
Its purpose is to create a multimedia archive of experimental music and sound art accessible to the public through physical presence or through the web.
The amount of works in the archive goes over one million, but there are also catalogs, videos and cd roms.



The Graphical interface of the sounport was made by pollenation.

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