This time we present two projects from IMAGEN PIRATA, a Colombian group that works in Bogotá, Colombia.

ABUNDANCIA DE ESCACEZ (plenty of shortage)

(this was a collective project, imagen pirata participated in it)
This project was based on the production and distribution of plastic pictures with prints and silver plastic objects.
The images of the pictures are prints of a series of paintings made by la imagen Pirata of cheap plastic objects bought in downtown Bogotá.
During the exhibition the pictures and the objects from the paintings where for sale.

(a found object is not stolen)

This work includes videos, paintings and prints that talk about the copy, the illegal methods of reproduction of objects or intellectual property: plagiarism.
The whole project is conceived as an advertising campaign, the paintings imitate advertising posters, the videos imitate the TV spots, the images in the public space imitate the big billboards from the streets.
So in this case, the plagiarism does not only refer to the images that we present but to the methods we used to make this work with images taken form the media.

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